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Let us help tell your story.

Boise Media is a full-service, new-age multimedia company and Videography services for you, your business or events.

We turn your ideas into stories!


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Who We Are?

Whether creating audio-visual services during a business workshop or covering cherished moments during a wedding, our process is tailored to yield optimum results. Our highly-detailed workflow ensures that no important detail or moment is left out in our coverage.

We try to get to know each of our clients to assure project success and that we consistently exceed customer expectations.

We try to integrate the structure of the event and our client’s resources to maximize efficiency and generate audio-visual coverage that meets the client’s wishes.


Do you have any conference, event, or occasion you want to cover? Need the services of an audio, visual & multimedia company?


We’ve got you covered!


Our Philosophy

With years of expertise, we can deliver a cinematic approach to your ideas.

We do not estimate our success by how many accolades or awards we win. Instead, we measure our success by our results and whether our coverage captures the essence of every event we handle.

To provide value to our clients, redefine industry constraints, and raise the standard so that our clients learn to demand the greatest service, audio-visual equipment, and technology at all times.


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